Saïdou Dicko

INTERVIEW with the artist Saïdou Dicko
PhotoArtBLOG/Birgit Wudtke/December 2020

1.+2. Saïdou Dicko, LES TAPIS PEUL (collage, design drawing for an aeroplane)
3. Saïdou Dicko, LE CHEVREAU D’OUM KALTHOUM, 2020,
/ The Shadowed People Dessins (watercolour inkdrawing on paper)
4.+5. Saïdou Dicko, LE PAYS DES HOMMES INTEGRES 2006, OUMOU 2013 (photographs)
6. Saïdou Dicko, RESERVE 2006, 2018 (photograph with drawings)

AFIKARIS gallery

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