What is post-digital photo art?

Introductory text by the author Birgit Wudtke (Doctor of Philosophy in art/Publication: Fotokunst in Zeiten der Digitalisierung. Künstlerische Strategien in der Digitalen und Postdigitalen Phase. transcript Verlag, Bielefeld 2016) [Photo art in the age of digitalisation. Artistic strategies in the digital and post-digital phase]

1. Photo art – contemporary reflections
Tendential error and the courage of the autonomous perspective

2. Post-digital
Emergence of a term, prehistory

3. The euphoric phase of the digitalisation of photography
Enthusiasm for technology and rigidity in conservative behaviour patterns

4. On the challenges of the post-digital phase

5. The fluid image
New questions, chances and potential

6. Has everything already been photographed?
On photographic field research and the retreat behind the monitor





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